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Airshow Pilot

for Flight Simulator X


Product Description

Airshow Pilot is all about aerobatics, and you’ll be testing your skills against other pilots in competitions around the world - both AI competitors generated offline on your home PC and real competitors who will be flying in the same events throughout the year and comparing their results with yours online.

Loops, Cuban Eights, Rolls and Immelmanns - Airshow Pilot is guaranteed to give you a whole new perspective on aircraft handling!

Hone your skills during a full calendar of events which will each feature an aerobatic contest in two difficulty categories - 'Sportsman' or 'Advanced' (as well as ‘Display’ for flying airliners or jet aircraft for display). Study the aerobatic figures that need to be flown, put in some practice and - when you're confident enough - fly them in a competition situation.

A Flight Data Recorder will record your flight and will evaluate and rate your skills. You’ll be able to watch your flight to see how accurately you performed and which manoeuvres which need further practice. You'll also be able to download other competitors' flights and play them back to see how your opponents are shaping up!

Competition results are ranked throughout a season and every pilot will receive a world ranking. Trophies are reserved for only the best pilots in each category!

During competitions the airfield area will be filled with airshow crowds - people, tents, booths, cars, display aircraft and much more. You can even hear the crowd noise!

A set of Design Tools is included in Airshow Pilot - create your own aerobatic events in the Event Designer; create your own flight programs in the Flight Program Designer and even create your own airport populations in the Population Designer.

Purchase information

Airshow Pilot is available via Just Flight as download version or boxed version.


For support please refer to the Just Flight support site.


System requirements

Flight Simulator X with Service Pack 2

Windows 7, Vista or XP SP2 with the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed

1 GB of Hard Disk Space

3.0Ghz or any dual core

1.0Gb RAM

512Mb graphics card