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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions have already been asked and answered - please check the following items before filing your support request.

Q: What sort of flight data is actually recorded by FDR?
Please see the user manual (version 1.1 or higher) for a detailed list of variables used for recording and playback.


Q: Where and how exactly is the data stored?
A: For each newly recorded flight one directory is created in the output directory specified in the program options. This directory is initially named with a time stamp and may be renamed via the "Open and manage flight logs..." dialog.

In this flight log directory the following files are stored:

SzFDR.fltlog: the actual recorded flight data

SzFDR.fltsum and SzFDR.fltedt: Files used by FDR to manage the data.

SzFDR.FLT, SzFDR.FSSAVE and SzFDR.WX: The Flight Simulator "Flight" files.

Please note you cannot (and should not) edit any of these files manually. This may result in breaking the consistency of the flight and the recording.


Q: Is there any facility to import/export data into other formats?

A: Yes, from version 1.1 on the program allows import and export of data. We have also included a converter program to convert data from the popular "FS Recorder" software into the Sz-FDR format.



Q: What is the difference between the English and German installer?

A: The English and German installers differ in
- the language that is used during installation
- the program language that is preset at end of the installation.

Both installers contain the full English and German software version.
You can change the program language in the program options at any time after installation.
Download either the English or the German installer.


Q: Can I record more than one flight into the same file? Or can I play a previous recording whilst recording a new flight?

A: You can run more than one instance of FDR at the same time. This way you can for example:

- show a previously recorded flight in "freeze images" mode whilst recording a new flight

- show a previously recorded flight as playback flight whilst recording a new one

- show several pre-recorded flights at the same time - in freeze image mode and/or playback mode.



Q: When running the program a message appears saying „Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.FlightSimulator.SimConnect, Version=10.0.61259.0 [...]“. The program won’t start.

A: The program requires Flight Simulator X with Service Pack 2 or the Acceleration Expansion Pack installed. Please install Service Pack 2. You’ll find full download details in our Support – Downloads area.



Q: When running the program a message appears saying „Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.FlightSimulator.SimConnect, Version=10.0.61259.0 [...]“. The program won’t start.

I have FSX Acceleration Expansion Pack or Service Pack 2 installed.

A: Please reinstall SimConnect. Download the installer from here and run it.


Please also see

  • the product manual
  • the downloads section for updates
  • our support form